The Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative

American Farm Bureau Federation is a nonprofit that works to build strong, prosperous rural communities.

We believe...

  • Thriving rural communities are created by successful rural entrepreneurs.
  • Rural entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to solve rural problems.
  • Rural entrepreneurs face challenges that make it difficult to develop successful businesses, including limited broadband access, high costs of transportation, lack of capital, business networks and business training.

The AFBF Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative (REI) helps rural entrepreneurs overcome the hurdles they face. REI aims to provide rural entrepreneurs with world class business training, networks and resources to help them succeed. More than 1,000 businesses in 37 states have been helped through REI projects. The map below shows where some of these businesses are located.

These businesses have been supported through:

  • Access to startup and investment funding
  • Opportunities to pitch to multimillion dollar investors
  • Booth space at the American Farm Bureau Convention
  • Feedback from national business experts
  • Education on venture capital and expanding their businesses
  • Visibility for their businesses
  • Networking with peers and mentors

For more information, contact Robin Kinney at